I had an early upgrade available for my phone and decided to go for it. I’ve been an Android user for the last five years, and Android developer the last three, so it feels weird not seeing the Android logo when my phone boots up. I still love developing for Android so that won’t change at all.

The decision

I’m trying not to pull a Lebron here, but the switch has been a long time coming. While I love Android and what it stands for, frustrations piled and I needed a change:

  • The carriers have too much power. Android is at the mercy of the phone carriers for upgrades. My previous phone, after nearly two years, is still stuck on KitKat. Marshmallow is coming out soon and I haven’t even used Lollipop. Meanwhile, iOS frequently receives updates and carriers are good about pushing updates through.
  • Choice is a double-edged sword. Android has lots of pretty good phones, but is missing the one standout phone. I came very close to getting a Samsung S6 Edge, but then I’d have to deal with Samsung’s Android abomination (or other firmwares).
  • Being a technophile, it sucks when most companies are iOS-centric. This isn’t Android’s fault, but something you can’t ignore.

The number one reason for me switching though was to start making iOS apps!

What I’ve noticed

After nearly a week of daily driving, here’s what I’ve come across:

  • Everything is much snappier on iOS, the UI rarely lags.
  • My tiny thumbs are annoyed that it pushes shortcuts to the top.
  • My tiny thumbs love the double-tap feature to push the screen down.
  • Everything is very polished.
  • The camera is amazing.
  • I love taking obnoxious slow-mo videos.
  • Really dumb I can’t remove Apple app shortcuts.
  • I love and hate not having a Back button.
  • Navigation in iOS doesn’t seem as standardized.
  • iOS design > Material design
  • The case is really slippery, almost don’t feel comfortable holding with one hand.